Acrylic Courts Surface Coating Systems

Acryflex-T Standard

This system is an all weather, durable surface. Has superior resistance to deterioration from ultraviolet rays. This is a 100% acrylic latex based system with textured acrylic finish. Can be applied to both asphalt & concrete. Ideal for Tennis, basketball & multi purpose sport surfaces. Custom colours are available to meet individual needs.

ITF Classification: ITF Court Pace 2

Acryflex-T Cushion

This system contains a rubber filled cushion which yields a smooth uniform playing surface. 100% acrylic latex based cushion coating. Best applied on asphalt or suitably prepared concrete. This surface system add a shock absorbing quality for maximum playing comfort, endurance and exceptional durability.

ITF Classification: ITF Court Pace 1

Acryflex-T Cushion Plus

A professional system with its impact absorbing feature increase with multi layer coats of rubber.

This system provides a game at a medium speed.
With this we create a long lasting flow that can be used during all seasons.

ITF Classification: ITF Court Pace 3

Acryflex-T Standard on SBR

This acrylic system is applied on SBR rubber rolls.
It is best suited for surfaces which have a concrete sub base.